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You will not see 95 % of our exclusive range anywhere else in Australia
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Specialist Supplier of Unique, Commercial Planters and Pots

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Planters And Pots In Australia

Australia’s largest range of fibreglass planters and pots
you wont find 90 % of our exclusive range anywhere else in Australia

We have by far Australia’s largest range of fibreglass planters and pots Some of them are as large as 2 metres wide x 1.45m high .

Have a look through our range and you will see designs and shapes that you have never seen before They are ideal for Shopping Centres, Parks, Tourist Resorts, Large Buildings, Hotels, and Open Spaces. Our range covers the largest size of planters and pots currently available in Australia.

Fibreglass planters and pots will virtually last forever and they are very easy to maintain so they look new year after year. They have a smooth finish that highlights the beauty of the plants themselves.

Fibreglass Planters And Pots

15 reasons Why Park & Plaza's Fibreglass planters and pots must be your first choice
Planters and Pots

Compared to stone, concrete, timber or metal pots and planters they are very lightweight. This means that they can be easily moved from indoors to outdoors or indeed wherever you need them.

As previously mentioned it has the properties of steel at 25% of the weight. It has a high strength to weight ratio.

Our fiberglass products are totally resistant to aggressive
chemicals, alkalis and liquids. They resist the harsh effects of weathering, degradation and aging producing an extremely long and more efficient life.

Plastic pots and planters dry and crack, metal planters rust and wooden containers splinter and rot, Fibreglass is also shatterproof and frost resistant therefore you can leave them outdoors when it is raining, snowing or when it is sunny and hot.

They won’t be affected by UV rays. You will never need to worry about the colour fading.

You won’t need to replace your pots and planters every couple of years. They keep on going virtually forever and they always looking great.

Fibreglass planters and pots in Australia - Park and Plaza
Designs and shapes
Because of the method used to manufacture the fibreglass planters and pots, the shapes, styles, designs and colours are endless. You will see from our exclusive range that we even produce planters the shapes of pianos and coffee cups.
They really don’t require maintenance Just a wipe over with a damp rag with maybe some light detergent will bring back their shiny appearance.
All of our planters and pots are specifically manufactured to your exact requirements Because there are 1000 colours available in the pantone range and the combinations would be in the hundreds of thousands plus the dimensions can be altered as required each product is painstakingly created to your precise specifications.
Fibreglass can be made to mimic all sorts of materials. They can be made to look like timber, stone, timber or whatever material you choose.
Unlike plastic planters where coloured pigment mixed with plastic can be toxic. With fiberglass the automotive paint and glaze is applied to the outer surface of the planter and pot. Therefore they can be used for growing fruit trees, strawberries, blueberry bushes or vegetables without a worry.
Planters and Pots
Because of the nature of their manufacture they can be used indoors and outdoors with the same confidence.
Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic or FRP can be recycled. Varied techniques can be implemented to develop different components. These products can be formed by making use of recyclate material that is generated by crushing the composites
They look great and they bring out the best of your plants. Being highly decorative, an elegant planter can be used as a centerpiece in a lobby or foyer. Colours can be used in any combination to complement or contrast with your decor
All of our products are manufactured under the international quality control process That means that every pot and planter is thoroughly inspected at various stages during the production process if any unit does meet the standard it is rejected and junked.
We have appointed Bureau Veritas to complete final inspections on all of our products prior to shipping Bureau Veritas are an inspection service that was originally started in 1828 This ensures that when products are delivered they are the exact quality that you would expect.

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173 exclusive and classic range of planters and pots, bench seats and bench seat/planter combinations

Transform Your Landscapes

Discover Australia's Most Exclusive Range of Fibreglass and Fibreclay Planters

Are you a Landscaper, Landscape Designer, or Landscape Architect looking to redefine your design aesthetics? Do you strive to create unique spaces that stand out, not just blend in?

Welcome to a world of unlimited possibilities and unparalleled designs.

We present to you, an exclusive range of Fibreglass Planters and Pots along with a unique range of Fibreclay Planters and Pots. We stand unrivaled, not just in terms of the diversity of our designs, but also in the range of colour combinations we offer.

Stand Out, Don't Blend In

Traditionally, the planter designs in Australia are limited to three colours: white, grey or black. But why limit your creativity? Why blend in when you can stand out? We offer planters and pots in thousands of colour combinations. Whether you want to create a serene Zen garden with pastel-coloured planters or an exotic tropical paradise with vibrantly coloured pots, we’ve got you covered.

Our designs are as unique as your ideas. From planters shaped like a Coffee Cup to the playful Jellyfish-shaped Planters, our range allows you to create your own unique space.

Imagine an outdoor café space adorned with coffee cup-shaped planters. Or a beachside resort with jellyfish planters enhancing its coastal charm. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

We understand that in your profession, every project is more than just a job. It’s a canvas where you paint your creativity. Our planters and pots are not just containers for plants, but a statement of style, an expression of your creativity, and an extension of your vision.

Our planters and pots will add a unique touch to any shopping centre or project. They can become the focal point of a design, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and inspiring. Our products do more than just house plants; they create environments.

Our commitment to providing exclusive designs and a spectrum of colours sets us apart from the rest. No one else in Australia offers the range of planter and pot designs that we do.

It’s time to break free from the ordinary. It’s time to explore new horizons of design. It’s time to stand out.

Choose our exclusive range of Fibreglass and Fibreclay Planters and Pots, and let your landscapes tell a story. Your story.

Because in the end, it’s not just about designing spaces. It’s about crafting experiences. And with our planters and pots, you can craft an experience that’s as unique as you.

Let's redefine landscapes together.
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