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5 Ways To Weather-proof Your Planters & Pots

With Australia’s changing weather patterns, it is important that gardens can cope with torrential rain or searing heat.

Our land may abound in nature’s gifts, but with droughts, floods and bushfires often ravaging landscapes our backyards and gardens need to evolve to ensure they can withstand changing weather patterns.

Getting savvy about the types of plants you put in your garden and adopting new practices will give your own patch of land the best chance at survival.

“By recycling, reusing and making the most of free local resources, such as animal manure from stables, grass clippings, coffee grounds and the like, we can grow a lot more with a lot less money and environmental impact.”

“Worm farming can turn all our kitchen scraps into a free, perfectly balanced organic fertiliser, for instance.”

Here are some ways to help your garden flourish in the future:

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