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How Often Should You Water Your Indoor Plants?

How Often Should You Water Your Indoor Plants? | Park & Plaza

How often you water your plant can vary from week to week and even month to month – it all depends on your plant and your home.

After repotting, however, your plant will require thorough watering to settle into its new pot. Water it until the water flows freely from the bottom of the plant. Allow the plant to “rest” so all the water drains from the pot before placing it on its new saucer. (You don’t want puddling water.)

Typically, the problem isn’t how much water you use to water a plant – it’s watering something too frequently. Focus on making sure the water is evenly distributed throughout the pot and soil.

Use a watering can if you have it. It’ll help the water come out as a soft steady stream and helps with distribution. Use a moisture meter to track watering large house plants. If you really want to obsess, keep track of your watering and how your plants react so you can pick up on any patterns.

In general, most tropical plants require water every one to two weeks, while succulents only need water every three to four weeks. Both might require more frequent waterings in the summer with more daily light, and less frequent waterings in the winter with less daily light.

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