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Watering Your Fibreglass Planters

Watering Your Fibreglass Planters

Watering Your Fibreglass Planters

The easiest way to assess your plant’s need for watering is to insert your finger about 6 inches into the soil. If the soil still feels moist, there is no need to water.

Once you’ve determined the watering frequency, it’s essential to establish a schedule. This not only minimizes resource wastage, particularly from overwatering but also helps manage your expenses efficiently.

Residential Watering Tips

watering your plants


Watering plants generously and then applying mulch is a proven method to keep potting soil consistently moist. Mulch serves the dual purpose of preventing weed growth and reducing evaporation from the soil surface, minimizing heat loss during the day. This strategy effectively retains moisture in the soil for extended periods.


A sprinkler proves to be an excellent tool for reaching numerous planters and expansive garden areas. Connect a sprinkler line to your outdoor faucet, ensuring that the sprinkler head or adjustable nozzle has sufficient pressure to cover all the planters in your garden and the entire designated area.

The Simple Garden Hose

Connect a garden hose to your outdoor faucet and run it at half-power. Utilize a hose nozzle to direct water to each plant container, being careful not to over-water the plant’s leaves or stem. A thorough soak will benefit each fiberglass pot, allowing moisture to reach the root zone.

You can even bury the hose in the bottom of the fiberglass pot to directly target the plant’s roots. This method is more efficient than using a sprinkler and helps conserve water.

Commercial Watering Tips

Watering Timers

One effective method to keep your outdoor area green throughout the year is to use a watering timer. By attaching a timer to your sprinkler or hose, setting it for 15 minutes, and turning it on at a designated time each day (preferably in the morning), you can automate the watering process.

In hot and sunny environments, it’s advisable to adjust the average watering time, as moisture tends to evaporate more quickly. Timers offer convenience, allowing you to water your outdoor plants at your preferred schedule.

Using a Smart Controller

Opting for a smart controller is a valuable investment for efficient watering management. These controllers enable you to schedule watering sessions and come equipped with sensors that monitor weather conditions.

Smart controllers can automatically adjust watering based on the weather, turn off during cold spells to prevent frozen pipes, conserve water during wet seasons, and avoid high-demand times—all without requiring manual intervention.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are a valuable option for gardeners and businesses aiming to provide precise water amounts to plants while minimizing waste. These systems deliver small quantities of water directly to plant roots through tiny holes in flexible plastic hoses.

Especially beneficial for large projects with extensive water distribution needs, many systems also feature compatibility with mobile applications and software, enabling users to monitor water use and settings conveniently through smartphones or tablets.

Drip irrigation systems are typically categorized into two types: surface drip and subsurface drip, with surface drip being the more common type.

Surface Drip Systems

The surface drip system consists of a plastic water pipe placed on or just below the soil surface, equipped with emitters evenly distributed along its length to supply water to individual plants. By establishing a network of these pipes, watering a large growing area becomes significantly more efficient.

Subsurface Drip Systems

The subsurface drip system requires a somewhat more sophisticated installation, but it’s ideal for conserving water by delivering it deep into the soil where the roots are, especially in a traditional garden without the use of containers.

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