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Small Things To Do With Your Pots In The Garden

Small Things To Do With Your Pots In The Garden | Park & Plaza

Garden is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby, perfect for those looking to get some fresh air or hone their green thumb. A great way to send someone you care about down that garden path is by sending them herbs – either potted and ready-to-go in a collection of their favorite cuisine ingredients; or planted in a larger pot or window box, with the anticipation that soon it will burst into foliage and the recipient can begin to harvest it soon after. A terracotta or glazed pot of at least 30cm across would fit the bill perfectly.

An ideal garden should include a variety of herbs that can be used for different types of cuisine. The most cost-effective way to do this is to buy herbs such as chives, parsley, coriander, basil, thyme, rosemary, and oregano in four or six-cell punnets and transplant them into small pots or larger mixed garden herb pots. If you’re running short on time, buying readymade loom herb pots is a great option. Depending on which cuisine you want to use your garden herbs for – Italian, Asian, or an ‘all-rounder’ selection – choose the herbs accordingly. Parsley, chives and basil are well suited for Italian cuisine; while coriander, garlic chives, and Thai basil are great for making Asian dishes. Vietnamese mint and lemongrass can also be added for some zest. So why not plant your garden with these delicious herbs to make every meal special?


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It’s the garden season again, and that means it’s time for strawberries! Eating a freshly picked, home-grown strawberry is inarguably one of the best flavor sensations in the world. Growing your own garden full of healthy and delicious strawberries also happens to be incredibly straightforward – all you need is a container like a traditional terracotta strawberry pot with pre-made holes for planting, or even a simple hanging basket or window box. With just a 30 cm pot, you can have up to 10 spaces for 10 healthy berries in no time, and if buying from punnets make sure to check their freshness. Not only are you saving money this garden season but getting nutrient-packed veggies while doing it!


pots in the garden

Gardening with succulents is a great way to get creative outdoors. Since succulents are so easy to propagate from cuttings and divisions, gardeners of all levels can have fun experimenting with different combinations of color, form, and texture. With just one existing garden you can make your own unique arrangement by replanting the cuttings into terracotta pots or any other container. Opt for a single type of succulent or mix and match many varieties for a varied collage – whatever suits your individual garden style! Once planted, complete the look with an aesthetically pleasing layer of garden gravel, sand, or pebbles on top.

If garden projects are more your style, why not try a fun and inventive project by planting succulent cuttings into quirky containers from op shops or salvage yards, such as old teapots and mugs? You can even give it an extra twist by making a kokedama – a Japanese moss ball – with succulents. Just make sure you place a drainage hole into the bottom of the container and prune any branched succulents to at least one division so you don’t miss out on their regrowth. With some effort, most cuttings should have developed roots and be growing well by Christmas – or take the easy option and grab a six-pack from local nurseries.


No garden is complete without a bit of color, and planting punnets or six-packs of potted color allows you to add the perfect splash of vibrancy to any outdoor area. Whether it’s classic annuals like geraniums, petunias, begonias, and impatiens, or bouquets of perennial plants in terracotta or glazed pots – there are endless beautiful combinations. Go bold with some exotics, or opt for a garden filled with native flowers tempting friendly bees and butterflies. Whichever you choose, the result will be sure to bring gardeners joy effortlessly.


When gardeners are looking for plants that are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance, multiples of the same type of plant can be a great option. For instance, combining two to three small philodendron plants in one pot is an ideal way to decorate a garden space with low effort and upkeep. These sturdy plants come in different forms and colors, giving gardeners plenty of opportunity to mix trailing forms with striking yellow foliage against darker-leafed varieties or even more upright forms with variegated leaves. Additionally, hardy ferns also make an easy garden centerpiece. With their lush green fronds and generous urban adaptability, this plant is perfect for any garden or even an indoor space like the bathroom or any area with a high level of indirect light and humidity.

Creating an attractive garden with plants of different species, shapes, textures, and colors is an interesting way to get creative. For taller plants like monstera palms and elephants’ ears, use a premium potting mix to ensure they grow well. Add one-third compost for herb, strawberry, and veggie pots in order to give them the right nutrition. To complete the garden project, feed these new plantings every two weeks with a so

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