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Having a low maintenance landscape doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty, nor does it need to take up much of your precious time. For starters, incorporate perennials into your landscape design – they’ll provide stunning accent blooms throughout the year and are so easy to maintain. To make things really pop, add some annuals too, they’ll bring plenty of eye-catching color accents that you can change out when required.

You don’t have to do everything all at once either; opt for starting with one or two areas in order to create a beautiful and worry-free garden that doesn’t consume all of your energy.

If you are looking to add color, texture, and architectural interest to your outdoor living space while softening the sharp edges of your pavement, think about incorporating plants into the design.

Planting in containers is relatively simple and will instantly bring life to any area. Consider using mixed plant containers with flowers and greenery in smaller containers or one large pot with a patio tree for an even more vibrant appearance. Swapping out different sizes of pots seasonally can create even more visual interest. Stone and concrete hardscaping projects also offer timeless beauty, however they may be expensive up front but take comfort knowing that they are also quite durable. For a look like no other and improved drainage, try building patios and walkways with flagstone or pavers instead of poured concrete.

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