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7 Tips on Using Large Fiberglass Planters and Pots

Bevel Pot Set No. DKH047

Large fiberglass planters weigh and cost less, but they look similar to clay planters and do not break easily. You can create a miniature garden in large planters, but you’ll need multiple plants to fill the growing space. They can be used indoors and outdoors on patios, driveways, etc.

  1. Check if the planters have drainage holes when you get them; if they do not, you need to drill holes of about six millimeters to allow excess water to drain out.
  2. Before adding soil to the planter, choose a preferred location and set them there. They might get too heavy to move after filling.
  3. The planter should be filled with the soil mix three inches from the rim. Avoid garden soil as it could prevent proper development and drainage of the root.
  4. The plants should be carefully arranged before leaving the nursery. Large plants should be at the `of the pot, with the small plants surrounding the large plant.
  5. All the plants should be removed from their pots and placed in the fiberglass planter, with their roots at the same depth as they were initially planted.
  6. The soil mix should be covered with mulch to prevent water loss and provide an attractive covering until the plants fill the planter.
  7. The soil moisture should be checked daily; add more water if the soil feels dry.

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