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7 Commercial Landscape Design Ideas For Your Business


Creating a beautiful, welcoming exterior space for a business is essential to make a good first impression. Business owners have many reasons to invest in developing and maintaining their company’s exterior: upscaling their current space to draw more customers or obtaining professional landscape services for the comfort of all their employees and visitors. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at seven design ideas that will take your commercial landscaping to the next level. With the right plan and implementation, you can improve upon your exterior space while boosting customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Highlight the Entry

An attractive entrance space is important for a commercial business because it welcomes your customers. Creating a welcoming entrance entails highlighting the entryway and giving specific access to your business property.

You don’t want your customers to get lost in a loop trying to locate your front door, so here are some cool commercial landscaping ideas to make your company’s entrance appealing:

  • Place bright flowers by the entrance to catch the attention of clients.
  • From the parking lot to your entrance, have a pathway made with decorative bricks or stones.
  • If your business entrance is located on the side of a building, create a walkway to and from the parking lot with clear signage like an arrow telling customers which direction to go.
  • At the entrance, include symmetrical planters on both sides of the doors.
  • Ensure the doors are clean and display your company hours, brand name, and logo.

Outdoor Seating Area

If your business has the luxury of space, providing an outdoor seating area can be a great asset to your company. Not only do employees enjoy having access to fresh air on their breaks and lunch, but it is also an inviting and comfortable experience for customers.

Whether they are waiting outside while you complete their order or taking a break in-between activities, having access to an outdoor seating area can make the time more pleasant and productive. This additional amenity also practically encourages interaction between strangers and increases foot traffic around your business. Therefore, if you are able to provide this thoughtful option for customers and employees alike, it is highly recommended that you do so. Here are some ideas for outdoor seating space on your business property:

  • Add benches along the walkway leading up to the entrance.
  • For business properties with lawn space, include a gazebo with a picnic table and trash and recycling bin.
  • Include outdoor seating items that are the same colour as your company’s brand.
  • Outdoor accessories such as umbrellas and cushions on the seats make it comfortable and inviting.

Outdoor Lighting


Regardless if you’re open at night or not, your business requires well-placed lighting for enhanced safety and aesthetics. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas for your business:

  • Install LED lighting fixtures surrounding your business that come with automatic timers to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Place LED lighting along walkways and pathways, leading to the parking lot for safety reasons.
  • Employees and clients should be able to get to their cars in the evening safely.
  • Add lit signage with your company’s name and logo to heighten the building’s visual appeal when people drive by it.

Include Flower Gardens

People are naturally drawn to bright colours, so what better way to promote your brand than with a gleaming flower garden? Flowers can be organized in different patterns; here are creative ways for incorporating them in your commercial landscaping layout:

  • Have a flower garden that displays your company logo. By using flowers that represent your brand colours, they can also spell out your business name. This is a sure way of garnering people’s attention.
  • If you want to promote your social media channels to gain new followers, have flowers spell out a popular hashtag associated with your company or include an “@” and your social media handle.
  • For flower gardens, ensure they are separate from your lawn. If your business does not have lawn space, opt for raised flower beds for a pleasant aesthetic value.

Add bushes, shrubs, and trees

People may not notice greenery right away, but did you know that the colour green evokes positive responses, such as relaxation and prosperity? You want existing and new customers to feel pleasant emotions when they are about to enter your business. Here is how bushes, shrubs, and trees can be combined with your commercial landscaping:

  • Kill two birds with one stone by setting up a line of shrubs or small trees lining up with your building perimeter. Not only is this appeasing to the eye, but creating shade for your building will reduce your energy bill for air conditioning in the summer.
  • Use shrubs to line the pathways and walkways.
  • If you want greenery that is multidimensional and adds personality to your commercial landscaping, consider installing topiary plants. These are trees and shrubs that can be trimmed into shapes, animals, numbers, and even characters. If you opt for topiary plants, you will require regular commercial lawn maintenance.

Go Eco-friendly with Commercial Landscaping

The good news is that not only does commercial landscaping improve your company’s image, but if you’re on a tight budget, going the eco-friendly way can pay off greatly without affecting your business’s bottom line. Check out some eco-friendly commercial landscaping ideas to implement on your business property:

  • For lawns, flowers, and plants, include an automatic irrigation water system to help maintain your commercial landscape efficiently.

Water fountains and fixtures

The sound of water puts people in a relaxed state and gives them positive vibes. Installing an appealing water fixture on your business property can improve your customers’ buying experience. This can be integrated in several creative ways:

  • Colourful flower beds divided into quadrants with a large pot turned into a water fountain that is positioned in a small pond.
  • For large commercial buildings, a statuesque water fountain can serve as a focal point in the front of the building.

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