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8 Landscaping Ideas To Improve Commercial Building Surrounds

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Commercial properties that come with outdoor space are literally gems right now, especially due to the impacts of the global pandemic. Customers are increasingly attracted to safe spaces where they can enjoy fresh air and open borders and as such, both restaurants, cafes, shops, malls and hotels have felt a resurgence in popularity. Investing in lush plants which can be kept in commercial planters is an effortless way of providing a desirable outdoor environment for potential patrons. There have been numerous studies over the years analyzing how plants and trees will contribute to business goals and according to a 2005 study , investing just a small amount of money and effort into landscaping was found to result in a 11% increase in perceived value of real estate property.

Incorporating elements of nature into retail products and services can be beneficial for your business. A study in 2015 found that the value of such products and services was up to 25% higher when nature was a part of their composition. This is because plants have a calming effect on customers, improving their mindset and providing them with stress-relieving benefits. Furthermore, they can improve air circulation while enhancing productivity in the workspace. Making your business greener with the inclusion of plants may be an effective way to increase customer satisfaction and sales!

1. Use planters to highlight the entrance

By strategically placing planters around the entrance of your commercial property, you can create a striking first impression and capture visitors’ attention. Flowers and trees are elements that add beauty and color to any entryway while also providing the perfect sense of maturity, luxury, or sophistication. 

Our wholesale commercial planter selection offers exceptional quality and variety to fit many stylistic needs; easy handling and assembly make it an ideal choice for property managers and owners in need of updating their landscape design quickly. Investing in quality commercial planters not only creates a unique aesthetic, but is also a great way to provide appealing curb appeal.

2. Create property pathways

Adding plants to a commercial landscape can transform a dull, straightforward view into an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. Greenery will welcome customers into a relaxed and happy mood, as it is proven to positively impact the human psyche. Make an impact outside of your building with large, ornate containers filled with leafy bushes or low-hanging trees to add texture and dimension.

On the other hand, line walkways and pathways with smaller of varieties of plants that won’t obstruct movement or get in the way. Whichever option you choose, integrating plants into your commercial space will have surefire aesthetic benefits while improving morale and productivity levels inside.

3. Improve the parking areas

A business building’s parking lot should not be taken for granted. It can easily be transformed by adding a touch of warmth and color to the area with outdoor planters. Bright colors such as blues, pinks, purples and oranges provide visual stimulation that is sure to catch the eye of any passerby.

Plus, they add essential touches of classiness and professional sophistication while making the most out of the space. These flowered pots also improve air quality with plants that welcome pollinators and people alike. With just this small update, your business building’s parking lot will undoubtedly become an inviting place to visit!

4. Add benches, shade, and trees in super planters

Elevating your commercial landscaping to embrace the positive sentiment towards the natural environment recently trending can be seen as a great advantage for business owners. Adding comfortable seating such as benches, deck chairs, and even a pavilion will give customers an inviting atmosphere that serves to refresh the senses.

You may also wish to consider adding shade in order to garner additional comfort – utilize tall trees or large shrubs grown in fiberglass planters as they are easily moved and maintained. Not only will this provide patrons with pleasant respite, but it is also cost effective! Furthermore, these botanical flourishes lend themselves to increasing the appeal of high-value customers.

5. Use Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can dramatically transform a commercial landscape and improve visibility. String lights are particularly effective in creating an inviting, romantic atmosphere perfect for businesses such as restaurants that want to project a cozy ambiance.

Alternatively, strategically placed spotlights can draw attention to important signage associated with the business, while lamps can project a professional quality whilst providing functional light for late night customers. Not only will outdoor lighting make any commercial landscape look more appealing, but plants appreciate a well-lit environment too. Adding outdoor lights is an easy and elegant way to upgrade your outdoor space and take your business to the next level.

6. Using Planters to Create Hedges and Dividers

Adding planters to your commercial landscape is an excellent way to create division on your property without sacrificing style. Doing so can direct the flow of traffic and add a sense of privacy for customers, helping them feel at ease. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to spruce up your outdoor area with greenery and color, creating an inviting atmosphere that sets you apart from competing businesses in the local market. It’s an effective strategy that comes with a variety of benefits.

7. Create A Water Feature

Incorporating a water feature into your commercial landscaping is an aesthetically pleasing way to draw the eye of any visitor. Whether you have a large sprawl of land or simply a cozy corner, adding a pond, water fountain, or other water feature can easily be the focal point and set your business apart from those surrounding it.

To elevate the space further, consider filling the area with low-lying planters, statement rocks, and clear signage to create a beautiful aesthetic. With this addition to your property, you’re sure to mesmerize guests and elevate your outdoor spaces.

8. Develop a Grassed Area for Staff to Use

Investing in commercial landscaping can really pay off when it comes to upgrading the look and feel of a business building that has its own lawn or garden. Utilizing this space draws the attention of clients, who appreciate its aesthetic appeal, while employees may experience a higher level of morale being surrounded by greenery. By taking advantage of containerization for plants, your landscape professional will have more versatility for seasonal placement and design elements. Be sure to include some trees together with flowering beds to create an additional dynamic contrast as well as give a sense of lush abundance.

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