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How To Repot A Plant Without Killing It

How To Repot A Plant Without Killing It | Park & Plaza

To remove a plant from its current pot, turn the plant sideways, hold it gently by the stems or leaves, and tap the bottom of its container until the plant slides out. You might need to give the base of the stems a couple of light tugs to get the plant out.

“Loosen the plant’s roots with your hands.”

“If your plant is root-bound – the roots are growing in very tight circles around the base of the plant – unbind the roots as best you can and give them a trim.”

Cutting back any dead, mushy, discoloured or excessively long roots with sharp scissors or pruning shears rids the plant of useless roots. The blades with rubbing alcohol between each snip to avoid spreading bacteria between the roots.

We also recommend avoiding repotting in extreme weather like a heat wave, since doing so can add stress to the plant.

“Water your plants a day or two ahead of time so the roots are well-hydrated to avoid root shock.”

“Never repot if a plant is wilted due to underwatering. First, hydrate, then repot.”

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