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How to Plant Large Plants in Tall and Large Planters

How to Plant Large Plants in Tall and Large Planters

It would be best to choose the plants well, considering that large plants might overpower the smaller ones. The plants must complement, add to each other, and balance the planter. The method below makes it easy to plant in large and tall planters.


You can use more than one of these plants in the planter. They provide visual interest and vertical factors in the planter.


Fillers like geraniums, begonias, marigolds, and vinca; provide the appearance of a filled pot.


Spillers like dichondra, and golden creeping jenny; are trailing plants that can detangle over the side of the container.

How to Plant Tall Planters with Flowers?

They can be arranged just like a cake, with a central focal point, asymmetry, and a surrounding feature at the edges when planting flowers. A filler can be added if there are still spaces.

Ornamental grass can be used as the central focal point, then asymmetry plant around it, then a trailing plant to emphasize the larger plants.

The color of the planter should also complement that of the plant.

Arranging Taller Planters in indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Larger Planters at Entrance

Tall planters are recommended for the porch. They are like welcoming messages. Large planters are valuable assets, and their color can light up your décor.

Layering Arrangement in Tall Pots

You can use layering arrangements for indoor and outdoor decorations. Layering is done by placing planters above each other. Then they form a pyramid shape. The type of plant in each layer may differ. It just depends on you. The tallest pot is placed at the bottom, while the shortest pot is placed at the top according to the plant arrangement rule.

Large Planters as Hedges

You can use large planters to decorate for privacy or divide the space. Tall planters can be used to grow hedgerows, which can line the perimeters of your garden.

Define Walkway 

Large planters can define garden paths by placing them at intervals along the way or lining them up in a row. You can place two at the beginning, halfway, and then at the end of the path.

Large Planters Shape

Round Planters

Can be placed in the corner of a room, they can enliven a small space irrespective of the design.

Square Planters

Square planters can be used on porches, backyards, roof decks, or outdoor gardens.

Rectangle Planters

Rectangular planters do not take much space, whether on the patio or the deck. They are elegant and eye-catching.

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