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Commercial Planters: A Brief Summary | Park & Plaza

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1. What is the best material for Commercial Planters?

For commercial spaces, fiberglass planters are the material of choice among experienced landscapers. This versatile material is strong and resilient, capable of withstanding the elements and other wear-and-tear common in public areas. The lightness of fiberglass gives it an added convenience over heavier materials such as metal, ceramic or even its commonly confused counterpart, fiberstone.

While plastic or terracotta planters might be sufficient in some cases, they simply do not stand up to the longevity and durability provided by a quality fiberglass planter for commercial use. It’s for these reasons that serious professionals choose fiberglass as their material of preference when designing public spaces.

2. What are the best colours to use for Commercial Planters?

Our corporate clientele may find white, grey, and black to be popular choices that match a variety of exterior design spaces. However, they should take into account the environment of their commercial space before making their selection. With the help of the Pantone Color Card, customers can ensure that their chosen planters will perfectly suit their branding needs. It is especially important to choose white or light planters if the exterior design space is hot and sunny- these colors will conserve water and promote growth better than with darker colored planters. Consider planning your outdoor environment with appropriate colors for optimal aesthetic appeal as well as tenant satisfaction.

3. What is the best size planter to use for Commercial Landscapes

Consider the area where your planter will be located and the type of plant you wish to feature. The size of the planter is determined by these two factors, allowing you to select a fitting planter shape that will bring out the best in your plants. Whether indoors or outdoors, our wide variety of appealing shapes include squares, rectangles, circles and tapered designs, so that you can always find a suitable option for your chosen location.

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