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All The Advantages Of Fibreglass Planters

All The Advantages Of Fibreglass Planters | Park & Plaza

Fibreglass planters are what most people are choosing nowadays. Fibreglass is a beautiful material and makes a garden complete. We are going to tell you all the benefits!

Leave your fibreglass planters outside all year

Fibreglass is a panacea. It is a polymer that consists of a chain of pusher bonds and is reinforced with fibreglass. The big advantage is that fibreglass planters never have to be placed inside during the winter or frosty nights. In a normal climate, such as in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, they absorb almost no moisture and therefore cannot freeze.

Fibreglass planters are as light as a feather

An average polyester planter of 100 by 100 centimeters and 40 centimeters deep weighs only 10 kilos. Fibreglass is as light as a feather. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry that these luxury planters will be stolen quickly. Once filled with potting soil, the fibreglass planters are very heavy. The 100x100x40cm container can hold 400 liters of potting soil, so the planter will weigh around 300 kilos.

Frost-sensitive trees stay nice and warm

A fibreglass planter is fully insulated with a three-centimeter thick layer of EPS-isolation foam. This means that the roots of frost-sensitive trees remain nice and warm even in winter. These trees do not have to be moved and you do not have to replace the planter.

Coloured throughout.

The fibreglass planters are completely coloured. If the planters ever get damaged, then this will be hardly visible. The core has the same colour as the outside. The most popular colours are black, grey, and pure white.

Easily drill the drainage holes yourself

The fibreglass planters do not have drainage holes. To add drainage holes simply drill the holes into the base of the planter. We advise using a sharp twist drill bit and working slowly for smooth, clean drainage holes. Drill one or a few holes with a diameter of 10 up to 15 millimeters. Then the holes are large enough, creating perfect drainage.

All shapes and sizes

The fibreglass planters are available in a lot of different shapes and sizes, our biggest planter is 200x50x60cm.

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