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How To Add New Soil To A Potted Plant? | Park & Plaza

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When your plant is ready for a refresh, remove about one-third or more of its potting mix. Plants absorb a lot of nutrients as they grow, so they need fresh soil from time to time. Pour a layer of fresh potting soil into the new planter and pack it down, removing any air pockets. Just don’t pack it too tight – you want the roots to breathe.

The experts agree you can usually use any indoor potting mix, and usually avoid anything that has an extra benefit like “moisture control” that might throw off her usual plant-care routine.

If your plant is healthy, you don’t need to remove all the old soil. Simply loosen the soil on the bottom of the plant so the roots can freely grow. Fill in any gaps, especially on the bottom and sides of the pot, with fresh soil.

“We always like mixing in some of the old soil into the new soil when repotting. The reasoning is that the old soil has microbes that the plant has gotten used to and helps give the plant a familiarity with its new home and soil.”

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